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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2007, Vol. 22 Issue (6): 743-747    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2007.6.743
Comparison between Algorithms of Ortho-rectification forRemote Sensing Images
LUAN Qing-zu,LIU Hui-ping,XIAO Zhi-qiang
Research Center of Remote Sensing and GIS,State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science,School of Geography,Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875,China
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There are kinds of methods for ortho-rectification in application of remote sensing images,including Collinearity Equation Model,Strict Geometric Model based on Affine Transformation,Improved Polynomial Model,Rational Function Model,Method based on Neural Network,and so on.But there is lack of system comparison among these methods.On the basis of introducing the principle of the methods above,advatanges and drawbacks about these algorithms are summarized in this paper.Specific emphasis is the mathematical derivation and algorithm design of FM.Tikhonov method is taken to the progress of computation  of RFM.Two kinds of algorithm based on neural network was taken in application of ortho-rectification.To compare accuracy and effectiveness between the above methods,we make some experiments.The result shows that: on the condition of the same GCPs distribution,Rational Function Model that can reach sub pixel accuracy is the best of all from the viewpoint of precision and can be used in practice in spite of its relatively slower speed.

Key words:  Remote sensing      Imagery      Ortho-rectification     
Received:  15 May 2007      Published:  03 September 2010
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LUAN Qing-Zu
LIU Hui-Ping
XIAO Zhi-Qiang

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LUAN Qing-Zu, LIU Hui-Ping, XIAO Zhi-Qiang. Comparison between Algorithms of Ortho-rectification forRemote Sensing Images. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2007, 22(6): 743-747.

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