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Remote Sensing Technology and Application is a comprehensive academic journal, published at home and abroad mainly remote sensing theory, technology and academic papers and reviews in the field of applied research, first reported remote sensing at home and abroad research and application of new technology, new theory, new method and new achievements, promote new and high technology in the application of earth science research and social development, The research achievements of the national Natural Science Foundation of China, national climbing plan and key research plan are mainly introduced. In view of the hot issues and development trends in the field of remote sensing, the sixth editorial Committee discussed and decided to refine and adjust the column into microwave remote sensing, optical remote sensing, data processing, model and inversion, remote sensing application, expert review, GIS, deep space exploration, major projects, review, etc. We welcome scientific and technical personnel, scientific research managers, teachers and students from colleges and universities who are engaged in remote sensing technology research and related application fields to contribute their contributions (http://www.rsta.ac.cn). Since 1997, Remote Sensing Technology and Application has successively become the source journal of Chinese Scientific and Technological Papers (CSTPCD Core Database), the source journal of Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD Core Database), the source journal of Chinese Academic Journals Comprehensive Evaluation Database of Tsinghua University, and is included in the Chinese Scientific and Technological Journal Database. By Wanfang data periodical group full text online. Readers are welcome to subscribe (mailing code 54-21).

The advertisement mainly involves the introduction of various remote sensing sensors, remote sensing data, remote sensing images, image data processing and analysis system, geographic information system (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), scientific research institutions, research teams and academic leaders engaged in the research of remote sensing technology and its application. Welcome to advertise in this publication.

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