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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2008, Vol. 23 Issue (2): 239-247    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2008.2.239
Review on Correlation Analysis of Independent Variables in Estimation Models of Vegetation Biomass Based on Remote Sensing
XU Xiao-jun1,DU Hua-qiang1,ZHOU Guo-mo1,FAN Wen-yi2
(1.School of Environmental Sciences and Technology|Zhejiang Forestry College, 
Lin'an 311300,China|2.Forestry College of Northeast Forestry University,Harbin 150040,China|)
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Applying remote sensing to estimate vegetation biomass has been paid more attention.When using the remote sensing information parameters and other parameters to construct models,researchers often need choose some parameters as independent variables which have obvious influence on biomass.Therefore,identifying the number of independent variables and choosing independent variables play an important role in the reliability and precision of estimation models.From single-variable models,multi\|variables models and nonparametric models,the article reviews on correlation analysis of independent variables in estimation models of vegetation biomass based on remote sensing,which offers some referenced value for choosing the independent variables in estimation models of vegetation biomass.

Key words:  Biomass      Independent variable      Remote sensing      Model      Correlation analysis     
Received:  06 December 2007      Published:  24 October 2011
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XU Xiao-jun,DU Hua-qiang,ZHOU Guo-mo,FAN Wen-yi. Review on Correlation Analysis of Independent Variables in Estimation Models of Vegetation Biomass Based on Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2008, 23(2): 239-247.

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