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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2008, Vol. 23 Issue (5): 571-575    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2008.5.571
Application of Semivariogram Texture Distillingfor Remote Sensing Image Classification
HE Yu-ting,KE Chang-qing
(Department of Geography Information Science,Nanjing University,Nanjing 210089,China)
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In the methods of improving the classification precision of remote sensing images,adding textural information as an expanded eigenvector into feature space is a pretty useful method.In this paper,the author extract texture using spatial connections between geo-objects,then put it into the classification process.This experiment shows a nice result.Through the problems encountered in this experiment,we discussed the appropriate scope of this methodology.

Key words:  Semivariogram      Texture      Scale      Feature space      Classification precision     
Received:  13 March 2008      Published:  07 November 2011
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HE Yu-ting,KE Chang-qing. Application of Semivariogram Texture Distillingfor Remote Sensing Image Classification. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2008, 23(5): 571-575.

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