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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2010, Vol. 25 Issue (5): 687-694    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2010.5.687
Deriving Vegetation Information in Ulan Buh Desert Based on Texture
SHAO Xiao-min,LIU Yong
(Institute of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System,
Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000,China)
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Ulan Buh Desert is one of Chinas major deserts.In recent years its rapid expansion has seriously affected the local ecological security.Desert vegetation is the most important ecological protection barrier in this region.Gaining the knowledge accurately of the distribution of vegetation is important.Calculated NDVI,and integrated principal component analysis combined with Gray Level Co\|occurrence Matrix texture analysis to analysis the ALOS image in the reserch area.Using NDVI and mean texture as the classification indices,the article determined the appropriate threshold range,and abstracted the vegetation information by using the decision tree method.The result shows that the decision tree method could use texture and other auxiliary information effectively,and achieve better classification results compared with traditional classification method.

Key words:  NDV      ;Principal component analysis      Gray level co-occurrence matrix      Ulan Buh Desert      Desert vegetation      Decision tree classification     
Received:  28 April 2010      Published:  30 October 2013
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SHAO Xiao-Min
LIU Yong

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SHAO Xiao-Min, LIU Yong. Deriving Vegetation Information in Ulan Buh Desert Based on Texture. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2010, 25(5): 687-694.

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