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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2012, Vol. 27 Issue (2): 315-321    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2012.2.315
Design and Implementation of Manage Model for Raster Metadata in Spatial Database
Jiang Ping1,2,Cheng Changxiu1,Xie Jiong1,Chen Rongguo1
(1.State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System,Institute of Geographic Sciences and Nature Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China;2.Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China)
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Discussing the three storage models:storage based on traditional file,storage based on the relational table and storage based on XML,and analyzes their advantages and disadvantages.And then,it is a conclusion that,XML approaches to describe the raster metadata's hierarchy,complexity and object-oriented,and has good extensibility.Raster metadata because of its complexity and hierarchy.In the following sections,we design and implement the management model for raster metadata based on XML in BeyonDB.Finally this paper taked the DEM metadata in Earth System Science Data Sharing Platform as example to verify its extensibility,and it would be a reference for the research on managing massive remote sensing data in spatial database.

Key words:  Raster metadata      Extensible      XML      Spatial database     
Received:  28 April 2011      Published:  23 January 2013
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  TP 311.13  
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Jiang Ping,Cheng Changxiu,Xie Jiong,Chen Rongguo. Design and Implementation of Manage Model for Raster Metadata in Spatial Database. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2012, 27(2): 315-321.

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