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Remote Sensing Technology and Application
A Review on Estimating Fractional Cover of Non-photosynthetic Vegetation by Using Remote Sensing
Wang Guangzhen1,Wang Jingpu1,Zou Xueyong2,Han Liu1,Zong Min1
(1.College of Resource and Environment Engineering,Ludong University,Yantai 264025,China;
2.State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Process and Resource Ecology,Beijing Normal University,Beijing 100875,China)
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Abstract  The quantitative estimation of fractional cover of photosynthetic vegetation(f PV),non-photosynthetic vegetation(f NPV),and bare soil(f BS) is critical for grassland ecosystem carbon storage,vegetation productivity,soil erosion and wildfire monitoring.The ecological importance of NPV has driven considerable research on quantitatively estimating NPV in diverse ecosystems including croplands,forests,grasslands savannah,and shrublands using remote sensing.This paper reviews the research progress in estimating f NPV using hyperspectral and multisspcetral remote sensing data,and hightlights discusses the theoretical bases of PV,NPV and BS spectral characteristics.based on the existing methods for estimating f NPV,this article groupd into two categories:empirical relationship between spectral index and NPV cover,and Spectral mixture analysis.Meanwhile,also discuss applications.of hyperspectral and multisspcetral remote sensing data.Finally,the existential problems and research trends for NPV estimation are analyzed.
Key words:  Remote sensing      Non-photosynthetic vegetation(NPV)      Spectral index      Spectral mixture analysis     
Received:  05 March 2017      Published:  16 March 2018
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Wang Guangzhen
Wang Jingpu
Zou Xueyong
Han Liu
Zong Min

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Wang Guangzhen,Wang Jingpu,Zou Xueyong,Han Liu,Zong Min. A Review on Estimating Fractional Cover of Non-photosynthetic Vegetation by Using Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2018, 33(1): 1-9.

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