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Remote Sensing Technology and Application
Research Review of Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Aerosol Retrieval
Tang Yuming,Deng Ruru,Liu Yongming,Xiong Longhai
(School of Geography and Planning,Sun Yat-sen University,Guangzhou 510275,China)
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Abstract  Air aerosol pollution has become increasingly serious and become the focus of atmospheric research with the development of urban industrialization.Remote sensing technology is widely used in atmospheric research as a means of scientific,rapid and large-scale monitoring.The main content of remote sensing for atmospheric aerosol retrieval including Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) of aerosol,aerosol concentration aerosol particle size distribution and air pollution are analyzed based on the atmospheric radiation transmission theory.Main progress around of the world in areas of atmospheric aerosol research by remote sensing techniques are introduced,especially the advantages and disadvantages of the different aerosol retrieval algorithms.At last,some existing problems and the trend of remote sensing for atmospheric aerosol retrieval are discussed.
Key words:  Aerosol      Remote sensing retrieval      Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD)      Aerosol particle size distribution      Air pollution     
Received:  12 September 2016      Published:  16 March 2018
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Tang Yuming
Deng Ruru
Liu Yongming
Xiong Longhai

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Tang Yuming,Deng Ruru,Liu Yongming,Xiong Longhai. Research Review of Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Aerosol Retrieval. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2018, 33(1): 25-34.

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