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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2018, Vol. 33 Issue (3): 418-427    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2018.3.0418
Effects of Different Spatial Resolution of Remote SensingImages on Estimation Accuracy of Urban Building Height
Ding Zhe1,Wang Xiaoqin1,Wu Qunyong1,Sun Zhenhai2,Zhang Shishan1,Yang Guanghui1,Huang Shuhai2,Huang Zhisong2
 (1.Key Laboratory of Spatial Data Mining & Information Sharing of Ministry of Education,National Eng.Research Center of Satellite Spatial Information Technology,Fuzhou University,Fuzhou 350002,China; 2.Academy of Military Medical Sciences,Beijing 100071,China)
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Abstract  In this study,the remote sensing images of WorldView-2,GF-2,and GF-1,which cover Xiamen Software Park,were selected for study.A building and shadow extraction process suitable for different images was constructed,which applied object\|oriented approach and morphology ideas combined with spectral,shadow and shape constraints.Subsequently,the building heights of three different spatial resolutions of 0.5 m,1 m and 2 m were estimated by using the shadow length estimation method.Finally,the influence of image spatial resolution on building extraction accuracy and building height estimation accuracy was evaluated quantitatively.The main conclusions are as follows:(1) The improved building and shadow extraction process achieves higher extraction accuracy,but accuracy decreases slightly with the decrease of spatial resolution of images;(2) With the decrease of spatial resolution,the accuracy of building height estimation decreases gradually,but it does not show linear relationship.At the resolution increases from 1m to 0.5 m,the accuracy of building height estimation increases faster than the resolution increases from 2 m to 1 m;(3) GF-1 is more suitable for height estimation of high\|rise buildings and GF-2 is suitable for middle and high rise buildings,while WorldView\|2 has higher estimation accuracy for building height in different height ranges.
Key words:  Building extraction      Building heights      Spatial resolution      MBI      Shadow      Estimate accuracy     
Received:  21 November 2017      Published:  04 July 2018
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Ding Zhe
Wang Xiaoqin
Wu Qunyong

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Ding Zhe,Wang Xiaoqin,Wu Qunyong. Effects of Different Spatial Resolution of Remote SensingImages on Estimation Accuracy of Urban Building Height. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2018, 33(3): 418-427.

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