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Remote Sensing Technology and Application
Airborne Experiment of TG-2 Multi-angle Polarization Imager for Cloud Phase Identification
Guo Junjie1,2,3,Yao Zhigang2,3
(1.College of Meteorology and Oceanology,National Universityof Defense Technology,Nanjing 211101,China;
2.State Key Laboratory of Geo\|Information Engineering,Xi’an 710054,China;
3.Beijing Institute of Applied Meteorology,Beijing 100029,China;
4.Shanghai Institute of Technological Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shanghai 200083,China)
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Abstract  Multi\|angle polarization measurement technology can be used to detect cloud and aerosol information,and it barely depends on prior temperature information.In order to verify capability of cloud phase classification from the TG\|2 Multi\|angle Polarization Imager developed independently by China,the results of first airborne observation experiment of Multi\|angle Polarization Imager for cloud observations were compared with the results of numerical simulation under typical conditions.The libRadtran model simulation shows that the water cloud has the maximum polarized radiation (primary rainbow) for scattering angles near 140°.The results based on radio sounding and microwave radiometer show that there are water cloud under 3.7 km height of the research area.Meanwhile,the Multi\|angle Polarization Imager accurately captures the character of maximum polarized radiation of water cloud droplet (primary rainbow) near 140° scattering angles.In addition,the corresponding MODIS observation data also shows there exists a large scale of water cloud near the research area.Above results comprehensively indicate the Multi\|angle Polarization Imager has the function of cloud phase recognition without relying on prior information,and this test lays the foundation for the further study of the space\|based polarization observations of cloud phase.
Key words:  Multi-angle polarization measurement      Cloud phase      LibRadtran      Rainbow     
Received:  01 October 2017      Published:  04 July 2018
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Guo Junjie
Yao Zhigang

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Guo Junjie,Yao Zhigang. Airborne Experiment of TG-2 Multi-angle Polarization Imager for Cloud Phase Identification. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2018, 33(3): 439-448.

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