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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  1999, Vol. 14 Issue (2): 34-38    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.1999.2.34
A Correction Method of NOAA/AVHRR Viewing Angle Effect
 REN Hongling   YAN Ming   TU Gang
(Meteorology Institute of Jilin Province,Changchun\ 130062)
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Abstract  Correction of the meteorological satellite viewing angle effects can improve the utilization of meteorological satellite information.With the analysis of the g eometrical features of meteorological satellite NOAA/AVHRR data,the paper sugges ts a grading weighted averages method for correcting NOAA/AVHRR viewing angle ef fects on the basis of information proportion,which has been proved to be success ful in practical.This will extend the use of meteorological satellite data from ±14° to ±27°.
Key words:  NOAA/AVHRR      Viewing angle      Information proportion      Weighted averages     
Published:  12 September 2012
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. A Correction Method of NOAA/AVHRR Viewing Angle Effect
 . Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 1999, 14(2): 34-38.

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