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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2010, Vol. 25 Issue (5): 619-626    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2010.5.619
Study on the Camparison of Image Fusion for the Same-source and Different-source Sensor
LIN Li-juan,XU Han-qiu,CHEN Jing-jie,LIN Dong-feng,DU Li-ping
 (College of Environment and Resources,Institute of Remote Sensing Information Engineering,
Fuzhou University,Fuzhou 350108,China)
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Satellite image fusion is always a focus in remote sensing field.According to data sources difference,image fusion can be divided into two broad categories:fusion of images using different sensors data and using same sensor data.Five recently proposed/modified fusion algorithms have been employed to test the fusion results of the two categories.The image pair,TM+ SPOT pan,was used to test fusion between different image sources,while the pair,IKONOS MS+ pan,was employed to test fusion between same sensor data.The study reveals that the overall results of fusion between same sensor data are better than those of fusion between different sensors image sources.The selected fusion algorithms have different performance in image fusion results between the two categories.The SVR transform is suitable for both categories of image fusion.It can greatly improve the spatial resolution,information quantity and clarity,but retain spectral information of the original multispectral image.The SFIM\|fused image has the highest spectral fidelity in both categories of image fusion,but has the lowest spatial frequency information gain.Although the MB transform can improve the spatial resolution of the original image,it generally failed to improve spectral fidelity,information quantity and clarity.The Ehlers transform is more suitable for image fusion between different sensors data while the WT is more applicable to image fusion between same sensor data.

Key words:  Remote sensing      Image fusion      Spectral fidelity      High spatial frequency information gain     
Received:  26 February 2010      Published:  30 October 2013
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XU Han-Qiu
CHEN Jing-Ji
LIN Dong-Feng
DU Li-Ping

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LIN Li-Juan, XU Han-Qiu, CHEN Jing-Jie, LIN Dong-Feng, DU Li-Ping. Study on the Camparison of Image Fusion for the Same-source and Different-source Sensor. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2010, 25(5): 619-626.

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