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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2009, Vol. 24 Issue (3): 370-373    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2009.3.370
The Noise Suppression Method of Marine Radar WaveImage Based on the Wavelet Transform
TANG Yan-hong,HAO Yan-ling,LU Zhi-zhong
(College of Automation,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China)
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In order to inhibit the image noises effectively,a novel algorithm for noise suppression is proposed based on the wavelet transform in this paper.Firstly,the image edges are detected by the wavelet transform and the potential positions of noises are determined.Secondly,according to the histogram distribution of wave image,a threshold value is determined,sea echo signal points are eliminated and the noise points are obtained.Finally,according to the similar property values of sea echo,the property values of determined noise points are substituted with the adjacent signal points and the noise are filtered.Experiments on the wave images indicate that the noise suppression effect for the proposed algorithm perform better than the traditional wavelet domain hard threshold and soft threshold method.So we can obtain the sea echo signal more correctly and more precisely by using the proposed algorithm and the filtered sea echo signal can satisfy for wave analysis.

Key words:  Image processing      Marine radar      Noise suppression      Wavelet transform      Histogram     
Received:  19 October 2008      Published:  20 January 2010
TN 958.98  
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TANG Yan-hong
HAO Yan-ling
LU Zhi-zhong

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TANG Yan-hong,HAO Yan-ling,LU Zhi-zhong . The Noise Suppression Method of Marine Radar WaveImage Based on the Wavelet Transform. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2009, 24(3): 370-373.

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