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Remote Sensing Technology and Application
The Data Fusion of Multi-source Downward Surface Solar Radiation and Evaluation
Liu Junjian1,Shi Chunxiang2,Han Shuai2,Jiang Zhiwei2,Zhang Tao2
(1.Institute of Desert Meteorology,CMA,Urumqi 830002,China;
2.National Meteorological Information Center,China Meteorological Administration,Beijing 100081,China)
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Abstract  In order to improve theprecision of downward surface solar radiation product based on the FY\|2G visible channel data of geostationary satellite,it is fused by the method of STMAS withthe downward surface solar radiationcalculated by Hybrid,examining and evaluating SWDN and SWDN\|MERGE using ground observation data (OBS) from 91 ground observation stations in China (2015),and compared with CERES satellite\|derived application and ERA\|Interim reanalysis data.The results show that:(1)CERES has the highest precision,FY\|2G follows,ERA\|Interim is the worst.(2)SWDN\|MERGE has a greater improvement than SWDN when comparing the two sets of downward surface solar radiation data derived from FY\|2G satellite.(3) There is good consistency between the four sets of data from the analysis of 2015 year average value,however the surface downward shortwave radiation data derived from FY\|2G satellite is higher in spatial resolution and sharper in details.The above results could be used as scientific evidences for revising the four sets of data and the study of climate change in China.

Key words:  Downward surface solar radiation;FY\      2G;STMAS;Fusion     
Received:  25 January 2017     
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Liu Junjian
Shi Chunxiang
Han Shuai
Jiang Zhiwei
Zhang Tao

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Liu Junjian, Shi Chunxiang, Han Shuai, Jiang Zhiwei, Zhang Tao. The Data Fusion of Multi-source Downward Surface Solar Radiation and Evaluation. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2018, 33(5): 850-856.

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