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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2018, Vol. 33 Issue (5): 890-899    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2018.5.0890
Study on Differences between Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 Images in Rape Identification
Han Tao,Pan Jianjun,Zhang Peiyu,Cao Luodan
(College of Resources and Environment Sciences,Nanjing 210095,China)
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Abstract  Rape is one of the most important crops for many countries,so it is important to obtain accurate rape area.Compared with Landsat-8 data,Sentinel-2A has many advantages,but whether the results of Sentinel-2A data in crop identification are better than Landsat-8 is still an unknown question.The study site is located in a typical agricultural region:Gaochun District in Nanjing,the capital of Jiangsu Province,China,with central coordinates of 118°52′E and 31°19′N.One Sentinel-2A and one Landsat-8 image were obtained during the flowering stage of rape,and then rape area was extracted by using different classification methods based on spectral characteristics and vegetation indices.By comparing the identification accuracy of two images under different classification conditions and methods,the results show that:(1) The difference of spectral characteristics and separability of vegetation indices of different objects in Sentinel-2A were higher than those of Landsat-8 images;(2) Under the classifier of support vector machine,the Producer’s and User’s accuracy of rape of Sentinel-2A based on spectral characteristics were 89.7% and 91.3% respectively,which were 7.0% and 6.2% higher than the identification accuracy of Landsat-8 data;(3) After adding texture information,the overall accuracy and kappa coefficient of two kinds of data were significantly improved,but there was no increase in the producer’s and user’s accuracy of rape.The result presented in this paper show that compared with Landsat-8 data,Sentinel-2A data is more suitable for extracting crop distribution information in small areas with complex planting structure,which can lay a theoretical foundation for crop identification and application of Sentinel-2A data.
Key words:  Sentinel-2A      Landsat-8      Spectral characteristic      Vegetation indices      Small scale      Rape     
Received:  13 November 2017      Published:  01 March 2019
ZTFLH:  S127  
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Han Tao
Pan Jianjun
Zhang Peiyu
Cao Luodan

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Han Tao, Pan Jianjun, Zhang Peiyu, Cao Luodan. Study on Differences between Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 Images in Rape Identification. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2018, 33(5): 890-899.

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