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遥感技术与应用  2006, Vol. 21 Issue (1): 55-60    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2006.1.55
星载GMTI 雷达系统及其空时自适应信号处理
云日升1, 张云华1, 江碧涛2, 康雪艳1
( 1. 中国科学院空间科学与应用研究中心, 北京 100080; 2. 北京市遥感信息研究所, 北京 100085)
Spacborne Gmti Radar System and Space-time Adaptive Signal Processing
YUN Ri-sheng1 , ZHANG Yun-hua1, JIANG Bi-tao2 , KANG Xue-yan1
( 1. Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China;2. Beijing Remote Sensing Information Institute, Beijing 100085, China)
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地面动目标检测( GMTI) 是脉冲多普勒雷达的重要应用领域之一。星载GMTI 雷达系统比传统的机载系统具有更强的适应性和能够获得更好的检测性能而受到广泛关注。主要就星载分布式稀疏孔径GMTI 雷达系统的系统特点及其空时自适应信号处理( STAP) 方法作了较为深入的分析, 基于星载分布式均匀线性阵列( ULA ) GMTI 雷达系统参数获得了典型的STAP 算法信杂噪比( SINR) 损失特性和性能比较。

关键词: 星载雷达 地面动目标检测( GMTI) 分布式稀疏孔径 空时自适应处理    

Pulse Doppler radar provides important application in GMTI. Space-based GMTI radar system is widely given at tentio n because its detection performance and adaptability excel that of airborne system. In this paper , based on the character istics and recent research of space-based distributed sparse aperture GMTI radar system, the characteristics of space-based GMTI radar system are deeply investigated. The antenna pattern of sparse aperture space-based GMTI radar and the full-DOA opt imum STAP SINR loss characteristics are provided and analyzed. By analyzing sparse aperture space-based GMTI radar space-t ine 2D filtering algorithm, the RD-ST AP ( reduced dimension STAP) algorithms including ADPCA, post-Doppler and PRI-stag gered STAP algorithm are introduced. Based on the space-based distributed uniform linear array GMTI radar system parameters, the performance compare of the STAP algorithms are obtained. Results show that the RD-ST AP algorithms obtain the satisfied SINR loss performance with limited training samples. In the end, the prospects of the space-based GMTI radar system and signal processing research are provided.

Key words: Spaceborne Radar    Ground moving target Indication    Distributed sparse aperture    Space time
adaptive processing
收稿日期: 2005-07-18 出版日期: 2011-09-27
:  TP 75  
作者简介: 云日升( 1974- ) , 男, 博士, 现主要从事雷达系统与信号处理等方面的研究。
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云日升, 张云华, 江碧涛, 康雪艳. 星载GMTI 雷达系统及其空时自适应信号处理[J]. 遥感技术与应用, 2006, 21(1): 55-60.

YUN Ri-sheng , ZHANG Yun-hua, JIANG Bi-tao , KANG Xue-yan. Spacborne Gmti Radar System and Space-time Adaptive Signal Processing. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2006, 21(1): 55-60.


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