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遥感技术与应用  2011, Vol. 26 Issue (6): 705-712    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2011.6.705
(1.中国科学院寒区旱区环境与工程研究所寒旱区遥感观测系统试验站,甘肃 兰州 730000;
2.中国科学院研究生院,北京 100049)
Validation of the MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products—A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin
Yu Wenping1,2,Ma Mingguo1
(1.Cold and Arid Regions Remote Sensing Observation System Experiment Station,Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou 730000,China;2.Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China)
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分析了影响MODIS地表温度产品精度的主要因素,并对这些因素综合作用下的MODIS地表温度产品的精度验证方法进行了回顾和比较。针对MODIS地表温度产品在干旱半干旱地区误差偏大的状况,以黑河流域为例,对MODIS地表温度产品进行了验证。用于验证的地面观测数据包括自动气象站红外辐射温度计数据和长波辐射数据。这里结合具体的地表情况比较了两种验证方法的优劣,结果表明:使用长时间的夜间长波辐射数据验证MODIS地表温度产品更合理;黑河流域的MODIS地表温度产品的平均绝对偏差小于2.2 ℃。

关键词: 地表温度MODIS产品验证黑河流域干旱区    

This paper analyzes the key factors that result in the estimation errors of the MODIS land surface temperature products.Then the principle methods of validating the MODIS LST was discussed and compared.Normally there are bigger uncertainties of MODIS LST products in the semi\|arid and arid regions.As a case study,the Heihe river basin was selected to estimate the accuracy of MODIS LST products in Chinese arid and semi-arid regions.The two kinds of ground-measured observation data were obtained from the automatic meteorological stations:Infrared Radiation Thermometer data and longwave radiation data.The comparisons were performed for the validation based on these two types of observation data over three typical land cover types.The result demonstrates that:it is more reasonable to use long\|term nighttime surface longwave radiation data to validate the MODIS LST products.The validation results indicate that mean absolute error is less than 2.2 ℃ in the selected stations.

Key words: Land Surface Temperature (LST)    MODIS    Validation    Heihe river basin    Arid regions
收稿日期: 2011-04-14 出版日期: 2012-01-10
:  TP 79  


作者简介: 于文凭(1985-),女,黑龙江哈尔滨人,硕士研究生,主要从事陆面过程遥感研究。。
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于文凭,马明国. MODIS地表温度产品的验证研究—以黑河流域为例[J]. 遥感技术与应用, 2011, 26(6): 705-712.

Yu Wenping,Ma Mingguo. Validation of the MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products—A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2011, 26(6): 705-712.


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