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遥感技术与应用  2012, Vol. 27 Issue (5): 663-670    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2012.5.663
马明国1,宋 怡2,王旭峰1,韩辉邦3,于文凭1
(1.中国科学院寒旱区观测系统试验站,甘肃 兰州 730000;2.中国科学院地球环境研究所,陕西 西安 710075;3.安徽农业大学,安徽 合肥 230036)
Development Status and Application Research of the Time Series Remote Sensing Data Products based on AVHRR,VEGETATION and MODIS
Ma Mingguo1,Song Yi2,Wang Xufeng1,Han Huibang3,Yu Wenping1
(1.Cold and Arid Region Remote Sensing Observation System Experimental,CAREERI,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou 730000, China;2.Institute of Earth Environment Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xi an 710075,China;3.Anhui Agricultural University,Hefei 230036,China)
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全球时间系列卫星遥感产品自产生之日起就得到了高度关注,被广泛地应用于全球、洲际和区域的地表动态监测,并与气温、降水等气候变化表征参数结合起来,应用于全球变化分析。随着时间系列的逐渐延长和新兴传感器的不断涌现,时间系列遥感产品的内容和应用领域更是得到了极大扩展。主要介绍了:①当前国际上流行的可见光/近红外、短波红外和热红外时间系列卫星数据产品的发展现状,传感器主要包括AVHRR、VEGETATION和MODIS。早期以开发波段信息和植被指数等基础数据为主,当前大量专题产品的生产得到广泛开展;② 在数据产品的进一步处理和分析方面,重点介绍了时间系列重建、比较和延长、产品真实性检验的研究进展和发展趋势;③在数据产品应用方面,重点介绍了地表覆被特征的动态监测、物候和种植结构等信息提取、遥感产品在模型中的应用等方面的研究进展和发展趋势。


The global time series satellite remote sensing product has caught worldwide attention since it is developed.It is widely used in the global, intercontinental and regional dynamic monitoring of the surface features.It is also used to analyze the global changes by integrating with some climate change parameters (e.g.air temperature,precipitation).The contents and application areas of the time series remote sensing product extends greatly as the time series increases gradually and new sensors are constantly emerging.The development status of the currently international popular satellite remote sensing products (visible,near infrared,short wave infrared and thermal infrared bands) are introduced in this paper.The satellite sensors mainly include AVHRR,VEGETATION,and MODIS.The early researches mainly focused on the basic data preparation,which concentrates on the band information of visible-near infrared band reflectance and thermal infrared bright temperature,vegetation indexes.The thematic products,such as leaf area index and land surface temperature,are retrieved and estimated by these basic data products at present.The research progress and development trends of the further data processing,analysis,and application of the data product are introduced in detail.The data processing includes time series reconstruction,comparison and conversion,validation.The data application includes dynamic monitoring of the surface features, information extraction of phenology and planting structure,modeling application.

Key words: Time series    Remote sensing data product    AVHRR    VEGETATION    MODIS
收稿日期: 2012-05-09 出版日期: 2012-10-17
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作者简介: 马明国(1976-),男,湖北宜昌人,研究员,主要从事中国西北生态和陆面过程遥感研究。。
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宋 怡


马明国,宋 怡,王旭峰,韩辉邦,于文凭. AVHRR、VEGETATION和MODIS时间系列遥感数据产品现状与应用研究进展[J]. 遥感技术与应用, 2012, 27(5): 663-670.

Ma Mingguo,Song Yi,Wang Xufeng,Han Huibang,Yu Wenping. Development Status and Application Research of the Time Series Remote Sensing Data Products based on AVHRR,VEGETATION and MODIS. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2012, 27(5): 663-670.


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