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遥感技术与应用  2012, Vol. 27 Issue (6): 912-918    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2012.6.912
(1.中国科学院微波遥感技术重点实验室,中国科学院空间科学与应用研究中心,北京 100190;
2.中国科学院大学,北京 100049)
A Sea Ice Concentration Algorithm based on HY-2 Scanning Radiometer Data
Zhang Xiang1,2,Wang Zhenzhan1,Shen Hua1
(1.Key Laboratory of Microwave Remote Sensing,National Space Science Center/Center for
Space Science and Applied Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China;
2.University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China)
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海洋二号卫星(HY-2)是中国第一颗海洋动力环境监测卫星,如何有效地利用海洋二号卫星扫描辐射计数据监测海冰成为亟待解决的问题。根据海冰与海水辐射特征,提出一种基于多频段双极化反演海冰密集度方法,该方法利用简化的辐射传输模型和地物参考点模拟亮温并逼近观测亮温。该方法与NASA Team 2和ABA算法具有很好的可比性。应用该方法,可以有效利用HY-2卫星反演海冰密集度,监测海冰边缘与面积变化。

关键词: 海洋二号卫星扫描微波辐射计海冰密集度反演极冰    

Sea ice is a crucial component of global climate system,which is an effective index of global climate change.HY-2 (HaiYang-2) satellite is the first satellite of China particularly used for monitoring Ocean environmental dynamics.With the launch of HY-2,valuable oceanic data are obtained day and night,regardless of could cover.Thus,how to use HY-2 satellite to monitor polar sea ice is needs to be solved urgently.A new sea ice concentration retrieval algorithm is advanced based on radiative characteristics of water and sea ice.The new algorithm is comparable to NT2 algorithm and ABA.With this algorithm,sea ice concentration could be retrieved successfully using HY-2 passive microwave data.

Key words: HY-2 satellite    Scanning microwave radiometer    Sea ice concentration retrieval    Polar sea ice
收稿日期: 2012-02-15 出版日期: 2013-06-25
:  TP 79  


作者简介: 张翔(1987-),男,浙江衢州人,硕士研究生,主要从事被动微波遥感应用研究。。
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张翔,王振占,谌华. 一种利用HY-2卫星扫描微波辐射计数据反演极地海冰密集度的算法[J]. 遥感技术与应用, 2012, 27(6): 912-918.

Zhang Xiang,Wang Zhenzhan,Shen Hua. A Sea Ice Concentration Algorithm based on HY-2 Scanning Radiometer Data. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2012, 27(6): 912-918.


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