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Remote Sensing Technology and Application  2022, Vol. 37 Issue (6): 1427-1436    DOI: 10.11873/j.issn.1004-0323.2022.6.1427
Simulation and Ground Experiment of Microwave Radiation Characteristics on Undulating Surface
Ting Liu1,3,4(),Shaojie Zhao2(),Diyan Chen2,Suhong Liu4,Linna Chai2
1.College of Resources and Environment Science,Xinjiang University,Urumqi 830046,China
2.Key Laboratory of Oasis Ecology of Ministry of Education,Xinjiang University,Urumqi 830046,China
3.State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology,Faculty of Geographic Sciences,Beijing Normal University,Beijing 100875,China
4.Faculty of Geographic Sciences,Beijing Normal University,Beijing 100875,China
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Topography is one of the important factors affecting the characteristics of surface microwave radiation. Based on the experiment of observing artificial undulating surface with ground-based microwave radiometer, and the improved mountain surface microwave radiation model, the influence of terrain undulating and surface heterogeneity on the brightness temperature of surface microwave radiation was studied, and the microwave radiation model was verified according to the empirical data. The better results show that the effect of terrain occlusion on surface microwave radiation is consistent with the geometric optics hypothesis in the model. The simulation effect of this model is good, the measured data and the simulated data are consistent with the change trend of terrain, the error between the measured value and the simulated value is smaller after considering the surface roughness. The coupling of surface heterogeneity and topographic relief results in obvious difference of brightness temperature observed at different azimuth angles of H polarization and V polarization. These results provide a reference for the topographic correction model of microwave brightness temperature on mountain surface.

Key words:  Passive microwave remote sensing      Microwave radiation model      Terrain experiment      Shielding effect      Surface heterogeneity     
Received:  13 December 2021      Published:  15 February 2023
ZTFLH:  TP79  
Corresponding Authors:  Shaojie Zhao     E-mail:;
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Ting Liu
Shaojie Zhao
Diyan Chen
Suhong Liu
Linna Chai

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Ting Liu,Shaojie Zhao,Diyan Chen,Suhong Liu,Linna Chai. Simulation and Ground Experiment of Microwave Radiation Characteristics on Undulating Surface. Remote Sensing Technology and Application, 2022, 37(6): 1427-1436.

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M?tzler等[12](2000)挪威1 000 m
Flores等[18](2009)无指定研究区10 m
Pierdicca等[19](2010)意大利北部250 m
Utku等[17](2011)美国亚利桑那州30 m
Guo等[14](2011)青藏高原东南部90 m
李欣欣等[11](2012)青藏高原1 000 m
Camps等[16](2016)无指定研究区450 m
Table 1  Comparison of microwave radiation simulation and radiation characteristics in mountain areas
Fig.1  Diagram of occlusion effect
Fig.2  Schematic diagram of observation site
Table 2  The ratio of radiometer field size and undulating surface area at different observation heights in X-band
Fig.3  Actual surface observation by radiometer
Fig.4  Verification results of occlusion effect
Fig.5  Comparison between observed and simulated surface emissivity values at different incident angles on flat surface
Fig.6  Influence of topography and observation azimuth on brightness temperature of microwave radiation
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